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Weight & Balance
Through a simple user interface, assessable only by the administrator, the company can change any configuration, envelope or restrictions. ULD positions, including passenger compartments, galleys, and potable water tanks, can be defined by the administrator. Data specific to a given flight is automatically inputed into the application once the aircraft, assigned flight number, and captain is determined. It can then be electronically transmitted down station in any format desired by the company. Load information is also similarly generated and transmitted. The application resides on the local computer, PC or Mac, using any operating system. It is not necessary to have an active internet connection. However, whenever a connection is available the application will automatically update with application changes or company data changes.



What We Offer

Prior to each flight the pilot is primarily interested in two numbers to determine performance:

1) the weight of the aircraft and
2) the balance point expressed in terms of percentage of Mean Aerodynamic Cord (%MAC).

He also needs to know other information such as the number of persons on board and, if carrying cargo, the lateral imbalance and locations of hazardous material.
  • Ease of use
  • Exact calculations, not estimates or rounded figures
  • Visual representation of load positions
  • Multi-deck graphical display
  • Graphical representation of applicable envelope and balance line
  • Interpretation of graphs not required
  • Memorization of limits not required
  • Averaging of fleet aircraft weights is not required
  • Historical archiving
  • Allows managing more that one aircraft at a time
  • Can be managed locally or remotely
  • Stand-alone calculation but updated automatically whenever an internet connection is available
  • Default weights for men, women, children that can be changed if necessary for any flight
  • "Drag and drop" functionality for ULD's with sofisticated built in limits for positioning
  • Customer-specific terminology
  • Stabilizer takeoff trim settings calculated for each flap position
  • Inventory of all persons on board by location
  • Allows palnning flexibilty to optimize fuel economy saving up to 3% on fuel
  • Allows input for takeoff and landing restrictions by MEL and CDL or performance
  • Ballast fuel input if desired by customer
  • Minimal staff training required to become proficient
  • Warning messages and color screen indications if inputs are inappropriate
  • Limitations shown by each ULD entry along with reason for limit
  • Customized report that cannot be printed if anything is out of limit
  • Desired information displayed in location as determined by customer
  • Report format determined by customer to meet their needs
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